The Game Of Life

Life is an open-world game. You can skips levels if you want, you can speedrun it, or go to the final boss at any time. 

But we all know that when you’re playing for the first time it’s better to go level by level, learning the mechanics and getting to know the intrinsics.

I’ve organized what I believe are the most important aspects of living a great life, and stacked it into worlds and levels.

World 1. Being and Feeling Well Physically

Feeling and being well MENTALLY is the most important thing. For when the mind is disturbed, what we perceive as “life” is disturbed as well.

Now the best hack to being well mentally, is to be well physically. Your physical wellness reflects instantly and enormously in your mental well being. It’s practically impossible to feel well mentally when our physical form is suffering.

So we’re starting with fixing physical. And when it comes to the body, resting well is the basis for it all.

Level 1.1. Sleeping and Resting

Resting well is the most important thing, as it’s the foundation for everything that will come.

Now, resting well doesn’t mean sleeping 8 hours a night. You will have to find what exactly works for you. Unless it’s already working well for you.

If it’s not, I suggest you start by finding about your sleep chronotype. We all have different sleep needs.

The time of the day we should be going to sleep, and how long we need to sleep, is directly related to our hormone levels and rhythms.

You can learn more about sleep chronotypes by reading this article, taking this quiz, taking this more complicated quiz, or listening to this podcast:

I have had the worst sleeping schedule of any person ever for the longest time.

Before getting it together I’d stay awake for more than 20 hours before I’d go to sleep.  So if I woke up at 7 AM, my day would go all the way to 4 AM before I went to sleep. The next day, I’d wake up at 12 PM and be up until 8 AM next morning. It was impossible to maintain a normal sleeping schedule.

In my case, I’ve been using light treatment in order to help my circadian rhythm encompass my sleep chronotype and my ideal daily schedule.

Try this, or try something else. But whatever it takes, you must commit to fixing your sleeping schedule to something that works for you.

Your diet is also something you have to keep in mind if your having trouble sleeping.

Level 1.2. Diet

Secondly, your diet directly affects your body’s daily needs.

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